Yule Tune: Let It Snow (Michael Buble)

I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to Michael Buble. Talented?  Yes.  Showman?  Absolutely.  But I often lean more toward Sinatra or Connick.

Until I found this wintery gem.  Mr. Buble’s adorable quotient cannot be ignored.

Tomorrow is the office Christmas party!

Remember to bring your dancing shoes!

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  1. I enjoyed the video, Kevin. I do really like Michael Buble. I think he’s a little more “pop” than Sinatra and Connick, but I find I sing along and smile when I hear him. :-) And I love the song. I sing it with gusto even though I’ve never once had snow at Christmas!


    • Hi Debra. I always underestimated him — but I was wrong. The guys has grown on me! By the way, you never having a Christmas with snow made me a bit sad. It’s always a gamble here — very random — but when it is a white Christmas, the snow is magical! Hope you get some — but that might be a weather stretch, even for climate change. :)


  2. OK, Kevin, so I’m a bit prejudiced here (being a Canuck) but I LOVE Mr. Buble. I even adored the cliche Canadian references in this video (riding the zamboni, hockey, the Mountie)….pretty cute actually. His Christmas CD is fantastic and so are his TV specials. I really like Connick & Sinatra plus Tony Bennett and Mel Torme as well. Jazz up the Holiday songs and I sing right along.
    Thanks for posting these great videos lately.
    Now – how about one of you dancing at the “office” Christmas Party???? :)


  3. Love the video!!


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