Yule Tune: Silver Bells (Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell)

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about Mr. B, a widower who generously opens up his home to show movies to small groups of friends in his basement movie theater.  This is the second year in a row that Joe and I and our friends paid a visit to Mr. B and his holiday show.  In the comments of that post, Kathy wondered if Mr. B was really Santa Claus.

I’m not too sure if he’s the actual Santa Claus, but I’m positive he’s one of Santa’s helpers.

Mr. B kept last night’s film choice a surprise.  During the drive to his house, my mind considered which holiday movie we were going to see on his large screen.  White Christmas?  It’s A Wonderful Life? Holiday Inn? Christmas In Connecticut?

No, Mr. B had a different Christmas gift in mind, a film that his audience had never seen — The Lemon Drop Kid.  This comedy not only starred Bob Hope as a good-natured con man, it also introduced “Silver Bells” to the world.

In this clip, Bob Hope and his co-star, Marilyn Maxwell, (with some harmonizing help from William Frawley of “I Love Lucy”) celebrate Christmastime in the city — sprinkling ite with some humor that’s politically incorrect by today’s standards.

Ladies and Gentlemen, “Silver Bells.”

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  1. Christmas in Connecticut is one of my favorites, but I’ve never even heard of The Lemon Drop Kid – guess I’ll have to run out and find it! Hey, thanks for the mention! Looking forward to tomorrow’s post! :O)


    • Hi Kathy. Sometimes I feel like I’m Barbara Stanwyck in “Christmas in Connecticut,” writing about gardening but flying by the seat of my pants. By all means, find the Bob Hope movie. You’ll enjoy it. Tomorrow’s music is a bit of a surprise.


  2. Oh, also had no idea Silver Bells was from a movie! Imagine that!


  3. Fantastic choice! I haven’t seen it, but I am going to make a point of doing so. I love these old holiday movies! And it’s so good to see (and hear) William Frawley. On the rare occurrence I’ve found him in an old movie I can’t help but smile. I’m still just smiling at the idea of what Mr. B has created. Just wonderful!


    • Hey Debra. It was such a wonderful movie — and funny! We often forget that prior to playing Fred Mertz, William Frawley was showman. If you have the chance to watch the movie, you’ll see plenty more familiar faces. :)


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  5. […] Yule Tune: Silver Bells (Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell) (nittygrittydirtman.wordpress.com) […]


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